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Contact Us

Main line: (614) 801-8400
Fax line: (614) 351-4911
Attendance line: (614) 801-8401
Cafeteria line: (614) 801-8406

Principal:      Dr. Dawn Lauridsen    dawn.lauridsen@swcsd.us
Secretary:     Karen Hegarty
                     Teri Merz

Head Cook:  Cheryl Bryan   cheryl.bryan@swcsd.us

To send an email to a specific staff member: 
---- Our email address can be figured out using this code:  firstname.lastname@swcsd.us
For example, our Principal is Dawn Lauridsen.  So her email address is dawn.lauridsen@swcsd.us
 ----To find a staff member's first name and last name go to the Our Staff page